Artimate inspire, engage and educate children in animation

Creativity is for everyone and we make sure that everyone has an opportunity to join in with the fun. Artimate runs a variety of different bursary schemes which offer free spaces to children in low-income families.

Our Values

  • Art should be available to all
  • Arts have the power to solve social problems
  • Economic circumstances shouldn’t stop people accessing high-quality Artistic programs
  • Everyone no matter what age should have the opportunity to learn and develop creative skills
  • Art can be used as a tool to keep us mentally healthy
  • Art and creativity hold their own intrinsic value. There is nothing like else like art!

Our Programmes

Artimate Animation Afterschool Clubs:

We work with schools to provide Animation Afterschool Clubs. Children who take part, learn the key steps in creating animations on industry-standard software and equipment. We then share their films with parents and peers at the cinema!

School Holiday Animation Clubs:

We run a variety of workshops over the school holiday in Chelmsford Essex. Where children can explore animation and work in a team to create their films!


We take children’s work and showcase it on the Big Screen inspiring them and encouraging them, giving them a true taste of the real-life experience! Letting them know how talented they are.

We believe that all the work of children should be taken seriously and is inspiring in its own right!

Our team of experienced, passionate and professional educators from professional creative backgrounds has the ability to engage all children. We introduce children to professional high-quality equipment, showing them they are trusted with it and giving them creative control of the work they produce engages children.

Animation and Film, our main mediums are part of children’s lives and working in this medium is an exciting opportunity!

Our workshops, classes, and clubs push children to develop all sorts of essential soft skills: Teamwork, communication, lateral thinking.

We take children’s natural ability to be imaginative and give them the perfect platform to showcase their creativity and express their ideas and stories.

Workshops cover, literacy topics and films can be made on any subject, from mathematics to poetic techniques.