If you would like to see our full Risk assessment for a particular event, or workshop please contact us. We write new ones for each engagement. 

Here are some of our general rules:

Please familiarise yourself with our COVID-19 
Health and Safety Guidelines

  • Use hand sanitizer and regular hand washing. We encourage staff, volunteers, and participants to keep up with regular hand washing, especially when using shared equipment.
  • Children are not asked to wear a face coving, staff and volunteers are asking to wear them if demonstrating a technique that requires less than 1-meter proximity.
  • Bubbles – children work with other children in their year group bubble.
  • The equipment used by children is cleaned before and after the workshop
  • Equipment is not shared between bubbles.
  • Staff and volunteers do not attend workshops if they experience any COVID like symptoms.
  • We remind children and adults of the: Catch it – Bin it – Kill it!

Track and Trace:
Staff and Volunteers keep the school informed of any COVID like symptoms that they experience. We keep everyone’s details for Track and Trace for 21 days.

General Attitude to COVID-19

Covid-19 is a serious virus and we fully understand our responsibility to protect everyone who attends a workshop or club including staff, volunteers, or parents.