Afterschool Clubs

Afterschool club fees are due in advance of the club starting. Session fees are worked out on the basis that children attend the full course. If children miss sessions for any reason we can not offer a refund.

We do not save anytime or money by having a child miss a session and we still have to complete the edit of their film clips, the equivalent of an additional full day’s work, hence why the fee is absolute.

If you expect before booking that your child won’t be able to attend certain sessions due to planned medical procedures or other foreseen circumstances. Let me know and we may offer a place to your child at a reduced rate if the club does not fully book.

Cancelation due to lockdown

If a club is canceled due to school emergency or lockdown we will transfer the club to an online version. It is the parents’ responsibility to keep in touch with us and our emails to set up their child for the animation online club.

If we (Artimate) cancel the club we will do our best to re-schedule, offer a credit note, or a full or part refund depending on how many sessions have already been offered.

Refunds for other events

We offer a full refund if we cancel an event or do not give at least 2 weeks’ notice for a rescheduled event.

If you change your mind, or can’t attend an event then you have to give us 2 weeks notice for a full refund. If you do not give 2 weeks’ notice, we may refuse a full refund.

If you are unsatisfied with our event then please talk to us and we’ll decide on a case by case basis if we can give a refund – we may offer a credit note. We ask you to always read the full events description when booking an event so you are aware of what the event offers you or your child.