We can do a day or a whole week of enrichment activities for your school. Our workshops range in subjects covered.

Staring at £350 for a day’s enrichment workshop, we offer classes the opportunity to bring stories to life. Read below testimonial from St Pies X school.

The animation workshop certainly enthused all of us in Year 5. The opportunity to work with the equipment was an excellent experience. The children loved being able to bring their artwork to life and work closely with apparatus which is not always readily available at school. Thank you for inspiring the children and for giving them plenty of new ideas and a love for linking art with technology!

Miss Denbigh (Year 5 teacher)

Enrichment Weeks

Starting at £950 we can offer a week of enrichment for either a class or the whole school.

CPD – Digital Training

We offer Continued Professional Development to schools. Covering teaching techniques and how to use digital technologies to enrich the curriculum, learning, and engagement.